Visible Wellbeing



What does Visible Wellbeing look like in schools?

Visible Wellbeing™ at Iona College (QLD).

The Good Shepherd (NT) students and staff talk about their Visible Wellbeing™ journey.

Iona College’s Dean of Students, Mark Harvey, discusses their Visible Wellbeing™ journey.

The Ridley College (Canada) students and staff talk about their Visible Wellbeing™ journey.

Goulburn Street Primary’s Visible Wellbeing Journey

Lindisfarne Primary School’s Visible Wellbeing Journey

Albuera Street Primary School’s Visible Wellbeing Journey

Positive education and Visible Wellbeing™ at Ravenswood School for Girls

Visible Wellbeing™ at PLC Perth (WA)

Visible Wellbeing™ at Varsity College (QLD)

Visible Wellbeing™ from the student and staff perspectives – Varsity College (QLD)

Lea as seen in Revolution School on the ABC

Hear what the kids at Varsity College have to say about Visible Wellbeing.


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Article in Pursuit Magazine

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Year 1 Journey VWB - Discovery College

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The Strength Switch Cover


How the New Science of Strength-Based Parenting Can Help Your Child and Teen to Flourish

Become a Visible Wellbeing School

Extra Videos

More videos of Lea talking about Visible Wellbeing and Positive Education.

Lea’s interview with Jeremy Fernandez on ABC’s Matter of Fact

Lea speaks with Angie Hilton on Destination Happiness

Lea’s Tedx Talk – Warning: Being positive is not for the faint hearted!

Lea Waters speaking at ACEL 2017

World Government Summit 2018 featuring Lea Waters on Positive Education.

Morning Dose TV in Dallas speaks with Lea on strength-based parenting.

Positive Education at the International Forum on the Science of Happiness, Mexico

Ten News clip featuring Lea at the Australian Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Conference

Lea and Angela Duckworth talk about strength-based parenting strategies to support our kids’ wellbeing.

Festival of Ideas – Growing Brains: Capacity, Intelligence and Resilience

Positive education: Trends, evidence and advancement

Why meditation should be taught in schools.

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