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How do you want to make wellbeing visible?

Your school’s wellbeing journey will be unique to you, which is why we offer different ways to join us in the Visible Wellbeing™ approach.

You might want the full VWB experience and choose to become a partner school, would like to try out a few modules for staff Professional Development, or want to add on a keynote presentation for the parents in your community. Choose an option below to explore more or contact us to register your interest

Become a Visible Wellbeing™ School

What the schools have been saying…


Visible Wellbeing is a fantastic approach to ensure that our efforts at creating a successful school climate where every student feels safe, secure and supported are actually working. More than that, Visible Wellbeing gives us a whole school approach with a framework, drawn on Lea’s vast experience, to leverage our student’s strengths, providing data and validity to a process enabling our school to nurture each of our students to flourish. In short – it works, well!” Working in a...Read more

Courtney Howard

Principal, Cambridge Primary School (TAS)

The two day Visible Wellbeing training workshop, presented by Professor Lea Waters (PhD), accelerated our school’s Positive Education journey by at least 3 years. It was a truly transformative experience, which our staff have deemed as the most inspiring and valuable professional development in our college history. The rapport Lea developed with our staff and student leaders was incredibly powerful and has left a lasting impression on our college community. Lea demystified and normalised...Read more

Victoria McLuckie

Director of Learning and Wellbeing, Varsity College (QLD)

Working with Professor Lea Waters is insightful, inspiring and invigorating; indeed she lives and breathes every aspect of Visible Wellbeing. Lea’s outstanding ability to connect with others enables her to develop strong rapport with those she works with. She is a woman to be admired and a role model for all.

Joanne Wastle

Principal, Kambrya College

Professor Lea Water’s Visible Wellbeing approach offers an excellent blend of practical, evidence-based strategies, combined with an understanding of the science that underpins these positive education approaches. Professor Waters, a leading scientist in the field of positive psychology, has drawn on her own meta-analytic research to develop the Visible Wellbeing Framework and she delivers the training in an inspirational, authentic, personal and engaging manner. She is a gifted...Read more

Anne Johnstone

Principal, Ravenswood School for Girls (NSW)

The Visible Wellbeing approach brings together the science of wellbeing and education with sustainable whole school practices to achieve genuine culture change. It is the missing piece in positive education, not a program, rather an approach that supports both student and staff wellbeing, providing a solid foundation for optimal student learning. We are incredibly proud to be a foundation school for this innovative approach and to have the privilege of working with Professor Lea Waters....Read more

Laura Allison

Director of Wellbeing, PLC Perth (WA)

Our partnership with Professor Lea Waters is enabling the research and expertise of academics to intersect with the experience and day to day practice of educators.  While we are at the start of our journey, it is already evident that the support from Lea and her team is both robust and highly professional.  This has been demonstrated through the opportunity for our Visible Wellbeing Innovation Team to dialogue on a regular basis with Lea, while engaging with innovative and meaningful...Read more

Kim Bence

Director of Positive Education and Wellbeing Ravenswood School for Girls (NSW)

"Albuera Street Primary staff joined with our colleagues from Goulburn Street, Lindisfarne North and Cambridge Primary schools on 6th February to begin our year-long Visible Wellbeing partnership with Professor Lea Waters. Four weeks into Term 1, the impact of our first day of professional learning is really evident in the ongoing positive feedback from all staff, both teaching and non-teaching, and the reflections, conversations and subsequent actions based on what we all learnt. Teachers and...Read more

Kerry McMinn

Principal Albuera Street Primary (TAS)

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