Visible Wellbeing

Working in a cluster with three other schools has been wonderful

Visible Wellbeing is a fantastic approach to ensure that our efforts at creating a successful school climate where every student feels safe, secure and supported are actually working. More than that, Visible Wellbeing gives us a whole school approach with a framework, drawn on Lea’s vast experience, to leverage our student’s strengths, providing data and validity to a process enabling our school to nurture each of our students to flourish. In short – it works, well!”

Working in a cluster with three other schools has been wonderful. Importantly, a cluster model allows us to have synergistic effects that ensure each of our schools is better off through giving to the group than just simply working alone. I could not imagine doing this without colleagues and other professionals right beside me, learning and working together – and my staff feel the same. It’s been fantastic.

Courtney Howard Principal, Cambridge Primary School (TAS)

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