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VWB Partnership

Becoming a Visible WellbeingTM  (VWB) Partner school is an investment in the future wellbeing of your entire school community. Professor Lea Waters and her team will work closely with your school to help you to measure and embed Visible WellbeingTM practices across all areas of the school.

The partnership’s duration will run for a minimum of one year, but many schools choose to partner for at least a two year period to work deep within the culture of a school.

Some schools also decide to combine resources and work as a cluster to support each other along their Visible Wellbeing™ journey.

The Cluster Option

Working within a cluster allows schools within a network to come together and share the Visible Wellbeing™ partnership as a group. The cluster option is an effective way to combine resources and share support networks as a community. The cluster option is available for between 2-5 schools within a region.

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The Two Year Partnership

“Our two year partnership with Professor Lea Waters is enabling the research and expertise of academics to intersect with the experience and day to day practice of educators…Under Lea’s leadership and guidance, we have been able to critically evaluate current practice and look to deepen our understanding that it is a shared responsibility to cultivate the wellbeing of all members of our Ravenswood community. The Visible Wellbeing™ approach will provide us with the platform to truly bring Positive Education to life.”

Kim Bence, Director of Positive Education and Wellbeing, Ravenswood School for Girls (NSW)


The Cluster Option

” Working in a cluster with three other schools has been wonderful. Importantly, a cluster model allows us to have synergistic effects that ensure each of our schools is better off through giving to the group than just simply working alone. I could not imagine doing this without colleagues and other professionals right beside me, learning and working together – and my staff feel the same. It’s been fantastic.”

Courtney Howard, Principal, Cambridge Primary School (TAS)

Become a Visible Wellbeing™ Partner

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